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BarrageIT, is a Singapore-based Fintech Company that leverage on proprietary technology and algorithms to make more efficient and arguably more accurate trading decisions, thereby disrupting the Cryptocurrency Trading scene

Our key focus is to exploit the existing price gaps and inefficiency of the volatile cryptocurrency trading market to create positive returns for our investors.

About BarrageIT

Why BarrageIT?

Exploiting the Price Gap

Cryptocurrencies Marketing Statistic

Record Day High

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On 7th Jan 2018

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On 20th April 2018

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On 20th April 2018

On the other hand, due to the unregulated and decentralised model the cryptocurrency market, market inefficiencies are present and open for the savvy trader to capitalise on.

The birth of a new asset class in cryptocurrencies provides a host of opportunities that is not present in any other type of security. 

Efficient Market Hypothesis holds true to a large extent in the global stocks, commodities and currency markets, except for certain emerging market assets.

Our Value Proposition

Proprietary price parsing infrastructure technology which provides us to have the most current overview of the crypto market to conduct data mining and data analysis for the most effective strategies

Effective trading strategies to exploit the price inefficiency and gaps in the volatile cryptocurrency markets

Proprietary algorithms that allow Artificial Intelligence to trade effectively and efficiently

Data Collection

Price and volume data being collected across multiple exchanges and being generated in real time into our price parsing platform

Algorithm Checks

Various algorithmic processes check for various profitable opportunities

Trade Execution

If sensed profit opportunities fall within parameters of risk/reward ratio and other indicators such as max drawdown %, trade is then executed. At the same time, a trade volume which moderates price slippage is also set

Fund Manager

Fund manager oversees trade flow and rebalances account and accounts for systemic risk concurrently

Trading Process

Our Team

"Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people."

Steve Jobs

James is an avid economist, with a focus on financial analysis and market efficiency. Recognising the market opportunities available in a newly emerging asset class, he has created profitable businesses in the blockchain space and beyond.

James Lee

Investment Strategy

Philip is a serial Entrepreneur with extensive business experience. He is currently the CEO of Vision Group and has been appointed as Tech Advisor for various ICO Projects.

Philip Wong


Chee Seng has been in senior management roles for over 20 years in various industries, from private education schools to a closed door private equity firm. Besides being a serial entrepreneurs, he has extensive knowledge and experience in areas such as business development, deal structuring, financial modeling, running due diligence checks, project financial, sales and marketing

Chee Seng

Business Development


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